A Formula Of Reliable Team Communication

Why are particular persons more successful than others in their individual lives and in their professional environment?

Some are possibly very effective at their houses, having excellent relationships with their partners and kids, but having many communication issues in their office: problems with bosses, but great relationships with colleagues or vice versa, a great relationship with the bosses, but disputes with other supervisors and subordinates.

Others again are having excellent relationships at the office at the expense of their marital relationships and domesticity: excessive time is being invested at the office, and the family in the house is being felt overlooked and left behind.

The root cause of the problem is interaction or to be more specific: reliable communication. If a communication problem occurs, the concern: what went wrong? There are plenty of websites, articles, and books committed to the issues of communication.

Would it not be exceptionally beneficial to have a straightforward formula of effective interaction which can be used in all scenarios? I believe the following method would be useful:



EC = SI + IO– DF.

Let’s look at the 3 aspects of this formula.

SELF-INTEREST – When individuals interact, self-interest is most likely the primary reason for interaction. For this factor, communication is seldom efficient since one is not trying to discover common ground in interaction procedures but merely seeking a way to satisfy specific short-term interests. An essential issue in interaction is probably asymmetry.

This shift has resulted in a higher emphasis on the ability to efficiently interact verbally and non-verbally with each other. The development of discussion skills has become the foundation of modern-day education. One is at a young age already required to be able to reveal their ideas plainly in class discussions, essays, reports and not to mention in theses of various sorts in tertiary academic settings.

INTEREST OF OTHERS – The interest of others has most likely been the most critical concern in many textbooks about efficient communication. The issue is accommodating the interests of others has become more crucial with the intro of info technology, and the ability to trade items and services in cyberspace.

Everyone has ended up being a client! It is essential to look at the needs of others as your consumers. This marketing concept was initially used in transactional settings, but was presented in discovering companies and now has ended up being a crucial concept in all corners of life.

Before the discovery of these tools, one was still using (and still is making use of) numerous scientific tools offered by psychologists ranging from psychoanalysis, discussion analysis, transactional analysis and the sort resulting in multiple therapies which might be reliable depending upon the willingness of the buyer to take it seriously or not.

How can one find the interests of others?

The very first method is called the PAIR approval method: Placate (listen, understand, react with the issue); Attend (to the other); Investigate (scenarios information of the issue); Resolve (choose on action to take).

DISTURBING FACTORS– The third element of effective interaction is most likely the hardest one: how to eliminate troubling factors or how to get rid of interaction barriers.

There are 6 types of barriers between people interacting with each other:

•          Differences in perception

•          Inaccurate filtering

•          Language problems

•          Bad listening

•          Varying emotional states

•          Varying backgrounds.

Effective Communication

Interaction barriers also exist within companies. Although all interaction is subject to misconceptions, business communication is especially tough. Barriers can be triggered by information overload, message complexity, message competition, varying status, absence of trust, insufficient communication structures, the incorrect option of medium, closed interaction environment, dishonest communication, ineffective interaction, and physical diversions.

The root cause of the problem is communication or to be more exact: reliable interaction. For this reason, interaction is rarely reliable due to the fact that one is not attempting to discover a typical ground in interaction procedures but merely seeking a method to satisfy specific short-term interests.

The third aspect of reliable communication is most likely the most challenging one: how to get rid of disturbing factors or how to overcome communication barriers.

All communication is subject to misunderstandings, especially company communication. Barriers can be caused by

•          Info overload,

•          Message complexity,

•          Message competitors,

•          Differing status,

•          Lack of trust,

•          Insufficient interaction structures,

•          Incorrect choice of medium,

•          Closed interaction climate,

•          Dishonest interaction,

•          Inefficient communication

•          Physical diversions.

To conquer these barriers, one should be willing to avoid selective perception, condense messages to the bare fundamentals, usage specific and precise words possible, continually confirm your interpretation of what’s been stated, know the feelings that occur in yourself and others as you interact, and effort to manage them.

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