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Despite having all the work done for the growth of females in all the sectors, we still have a long way to go in the business world in terms of equality and inclusion. It is quite common nowadays that companies are hiring both men and women to create a more open and inclusive culture that allows both innovation and certain sobriety. As humans we all have our strengths and weakness, the same goes for gender, which is why inclusivity can be the key to a companies success. Having a diverse mix of people will only make your company more dynamic, they can be men, women, trans people or any color or creed. The people of your company will offer insights and nuance for every market that you want to gain .

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Building your business around inclusion will only come with positives. The primary goal of hiring is to attain talented individuals who will help your business, so while inclusion is crucial, the distinction between the best and worst candidates is your primary goal. The main way to bring about an inclusive hiring policy in a start-up is just to avoid looking at someone’s CV from the perspective of the personal details they provide. These details shouldn’t factor into the equation at all! By that, I mean the name, address, date of birth (if provided)The difference between Jack and Jill matters to a lot of people (God knows why) the same comes with creed and in certain companies, Simon might get hired over Sayed or vice a Versa. This is why as a founder, the policy is pivotal with your hiring practices. My point here is that you need to have a hiring process that discounts the personal and is focused on experience as you could lose some of your best hires at the CV shortlisting phase. So the policy is prudent and practical.


In an ideal world, people should be able to speak for themselves regardless of gender and be respected in an equitable way but as I am sure you’re aware this world is less than ideal. With that in mind, I think advocacy by men for women should be encouraged, not because they need us but because we need them!

Ultimately to be a successful founder you need to have the right team. While there are a lot of male traits that help a business, there is also a great deal of things that men fall short on, equally the same goes for women, non-binary individuals and people who suffer from mental health issues in different degrees. They all have there strengths and short-comings, we need to appreciate that a diverse team will compensate for each individual’s weakness’

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One of the main reasons for this gender inequity is that we’re tied to old habits. Historically, C-suite roles are held by men and in certain industries, such as tech or manufacturing, the discrepancy is even more obvious. Think, for example, an engineering position. Traditionally, there have always been more male job applicants for a role like this, so naturally, these male candidates get hired and eventually promoted to managerial roles.

Even if now things have changed and more women choose to study engineering and web development, it’s still tough for them to enter this male-dominant space. And when they enter, they come across a dead end. For men, the career path seems pre-determined; their (male) managers have already shown the way. But how can women compete with their male colleagues who are already on the track of becoming managers? Most importantly, how can they advance their careers if no one’s advocating for them and if there are no other female leaders who can set the example?

But we can’t truly fight gender inequality in the workplace just by sitting around and waiting for things to change or even voicing a desire to make things better. We need to get proactive if we want to achieve gender balance.

The quickest solution to fix the lack of women in leadership roles is to hire women in leadership roles. Affirmative actions will bring you results in the short-term. But they will also have a long-term impact. Simply put: hiring one woman in a senior position raises the total number of females with a senior-level job by one. But in the future, this woman is likely to hire and promote more women too. So, eventually, that number will go even higher.

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This happens for two reasons. First, that woman is able to better understand the potential of her peers and can advocate for them. She also understands how her team can benefit from gender balance and knows where to look for new female team members. Second, she acts as a role model for other women who might be otherwise more hesitant to apply for a job at an all-men team. The gender pay gap is certainly an issue and something that businesses need to address, but it is not the only marker of gender inequality in the workplace. Women face inequality at work and beyond in many different areas and across industries on a regular basis. While change does not happen overnight, it is important to recognize that problems exist, so you can try to take steps to improve the work environment for everyone.

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