How ECO-GUILT Are You?

I committed a crime last Sunday, I am publishing this publically to make you aware about our eco-sins. I turned on the shower, intending to get straight in even though the water takes a while to warm up, but then I decided to brush my teeth, and suddenly the water had been running for over two minutes. By the time I got in, I was drowning in eco-guilt! I had wasted water…..

wasted water

Should you feel Eco-Guilty, Too or not?

  • SHOPPING BAGS: Do you prefer reusable shopping bag made of recyclable materials, which you use always you when you go to shopping?
  • WASHING TOWELS: Do you use washing towel for several days until that reminds of washing it?
  • RUNNING WATER: Do you never leave the water running when you brush your teeth, nor before getting into the shower?
  • RECYCLING: Do you recycle all newspapers, bottles, and plastic containers?
  • GETTING AROUND: Do you walk, use public transport or cycle because cars pollute the planet?
Running water

Have you ever thought, How we will be living in 20 years’ time… (or will we?)

  • At Home: Most people will have installed solar panels or wind turbines on their houses or blocks of flats to generate their electricity.
  • Transport: Cars that use a lot of petrol (e.g. four-by-four cars) will have been banned and many people will be driving electric cars.
  • The Environment: Paper books will no longer be produced to save trees from being cut down, and all books will be electronic.
  • The Weather: Temperatures worldwide will have risen even further. Many ski resorts will have closed because of lack of winter snow and some beaches and holiday resorts will have disappeared completely. We will be having even more extreme weather, and heat waves, hurricanes, floods, etc. will be frequent occurrences.

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