Plus Offices

What do we offer?

Looking for a place to develop a big project, host your creative workshop or your company’s training session? 


High speed , secure internet .
Meeting rooms – A range of bookable meeting rooms.

Flexible furniture

Ergonomical furniture created for plus offices supports good posture and employee well being through its innovative design and comfort .

Cafe Bar

Cafe Bar

All day onsite cafe and kitchen for plus members .


200 pages of free printing per month .

Tech Support

Resolve problem-solving tasks in more efficient way, make notes, or whatever you wish to do with whiteboards available in your cabins.


Curated calender of events and workshops .


Reference books, industry journals and lifestyle magazines.

All Services In One Place

Comfortable Furniture

Office Equipment

Fast Wi-Fi

Pleasant Interior

Centralized AC

Flip Chart

Projector Or Interactive Board

Food And Drinks

Flexi Workstations

Flexi desk seating areas shared communally among a group of members.

Private Cabins

Book a private cabin for team size of 2 to 20 people.

Meeting Rooms

Fully equipped meeting rooms for hassle free meetings.

Plus Offices, Sector 44 is more of a class business centre with all the facilities that an Small and Medium Enterprise would want. Some of the finest growing brands in India are working in our Plus Offices, Sector 44 facility.

Here is something extra we offer

Our Mentor Plus program

Turn your ideas to impactful solution . Regardless, if you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or ready to scale into new markets, our network of mentor supports you along all stages of your venture life-cycle. So whether you are a small venture or an enterprise, Come talk to us at +91-989 992 0811+91 73031 45522  or email us on
Become a member and get access to our business mentorship program.
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