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Plus Offices is an ideal coworking space for startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and SMEs. The coworking space comes with a massive 10000 sq feet of open collaborative space, totally flexible for teams or networking events at Plus Offices, Sector 67, Gurgaon

Coworking workspaces are particularly suitable for startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, mompreneurs,  freelance workers, teleworkers, or self-employed people. These are mostly professionals from the world of startups, small businesses, Web, communication, architecture, marketing and journalism, although coworking targets all categories of trades. 
Small businesses can also use coworking spaces for economic and productive reasons.

The major benefit of coworking for space users is of course the savings generated on certain budget items such as rent, electricity, Internet access, hardware and consumables. 

Independent professionals choose coworking to find a collective working atmosphere and avoid isolation, to share their experiences, and to create a new professional network to develop their business. 
Some spaces offer, in addition to work-related services, events such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, or sports activities. 

Collaborative thinking and networking forms the best base for any good coworking space.

  1. Unlimited tea & coffee
  2. High speed Internet
  3. 24/7 power supply
  4. Recreational area
  5. Ergonomic work desks
  6. Meeting & conference rooms
  7. Prints / Copies / Unlimited Scanning
  8. Locker facility
  9. Mentor Network Facility For Growth Bound Startups & Entrepreneurs

Coworking is defined as a workspace having flexible seating options for companies willing to work in a shared office environment. Coworking office space is also deemed to be collaborative workspace in nature.

Several elements allow a startup, businessman, entrepreneur, freelancer to choose the coworking space most suited to his activity.

  • Accessibility of the place: is the coworking space easily accessible from highways or public transport, is it close to home and easy to travel, especially for an employee? teleworking?
  • Hourly amplitude: are the opening hours adapted to the activity of the professional, for example for freelancers or freelancers working on staggered hours?
  • Meeting rooms and open spaces: do all proposed spaces meet professional habits, for example to organize meetings, make phone calls, or work in an open-space? Does the place offer free spaces for relaxation, without encroaching on the workspace?
  • Accompaniment and collaboration: does the coworking space facilitate accompaniment, organize meeting times and facilitate collaboration between professionals?
  • Office: Is it possible to have your own office when necessary, or to leave a computer on site for example?

Plus Offices is fully equipped coworking space with all the facilities needed for a productive work environment including high speed internet, 24/7 power supply, and comfortable work desk. Just bring your laptop, related accessories, and get to work!

It is a pure plug and play model for startups and individuals to start working from the time they join our coworking facility.

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