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Best Coworking Space in Gurgaon and Customized Workspaces with Flexible Pricing

Plus Offices is a place where entrepreneurs gather, interested in finding new opportunities for the realization of their ideas. Thus, it stimulates the exchange of experience, contracting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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What we offer at Plus Offices

Workplaces with Flexible pricing:

Each client receives maximum comfort for a reasonable price. Freelancers and start-up teams can use the inexpensive service of a “dynamic” workplace, implying that an employee comes to co-working with his own laptop and takes any empty chair / sofa.

Rooms for big size meetings

This is a spacious and comfortable room for (x amount of) people. The client can use modern equipment: a projector, a screen, speakers, a flipchart, etc.

Common area

In addition to comfortable workplaces, coworking has modern lounges with coffee machines and snack machines.

Meeting rooms

9 meeting rooms in sector 67 and 3 in 44 with various seating formats including 4 - 10 seater meeting rooms

Advantage of working at Plus Offices

Each client receives a comfortable working chair and an ergonomic desk, and also has access to high-speed Wi-Fi and office equipment. In addition, this format eliminates all the temptations and annoying factors that can distract a freelancer working at home.

Reasonable prices

Every coworker can find the best solution. We offer flexible coworking solutions- from using work desk for a month or booking a private cabin. Our coworking is open to interesting ideas and offers.

Best place for your coworking conferences

Variable contract terms and additional services that can be supplemented as needed complete our offer. Located in sector 44 and sector 67 Gurgaon, our Business Center has the perfect location.

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