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Mentor Plus is an initiative to connect global & regional mentors with our coworkers and growth bound ventures at Plus Offices.

Our initiative is to provide an able mentorship for growth to the ventures at our facility so that they get on to the next level of acceleration.

Take a look at our awesome Mentor Network

Ashok Jain

Procurement and Supply Chain

Ganesh Iyer

Marketing and Retail

Sonal Agarwal Bali

Finance and fund raising

Ramesh Kumar

Productivity, Brainstorming

Minal Srivastava

Marketing/ Building a brand

Kaushik Chakravorty

Specialises in Marketing & Media

Prashant Kulshrestha


Kaushik Bandiwadekar

Project Management

Ummed Singh


Ramakant Das

Technology , Analytics and Digital Marketing

Mohit Chhabra

Communication and Business Modelling

Butool Abbas

UX, UI ,Design thinking

Manish Saini

Design, Design Thinking, User Experience

Akhilesh Tripathi

Artificial Intelligence

Umesh Rao

Marketing Specialist

Kaytlynne Deardorf


Dr. Anuraag Guglani, Ph.D( Entrepreneurship)

Diversified Industries experience in trading, distribution, global expansion soon, retail, B2B.

Shashi Mohan

Finance, Consulting

Saurabh Chaturvedi


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