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Take a look at some good words that our awesome clients have shared regarding our coworking office and the services that we offer to our members.

Very global outlook with wide opportunities for growth. Also active and innovative management with end to end support. Highly recommended.

Vibhakar Singh

Best place to work and enjoy , I suggest people to personally visit the office and share your own experience. Everyone should explore this office.

Aditi Jain

Plus offices is definitely a well thought innovative idea put out to reality. The staff is polite and helpful; and the atmosphere is an apt mix of comfort and speed required for one to focus on their task. The setting is curated keeping in mind the ethics and boundaries one requires to maintain in work place. Would definitely recommend and visit again whenever in gurgaon.

Srishti Guleria

Great location and very courteous staff. I had to wait in the lobby on the ground floor and the security guard switched on the extra ac to keep me comfortable. In another instance, the receptionist helped us with food as well as other details to help our meeting for well. Good option for coworking space in Gurgaon. They have very good infrastructure.

Rajeev Soni

Awesome Co-working environment. Ideal for startups and SMB'S. Amazing customer service. Keep it up Plus Offices!

Tejas Deshmukh

I used the 9:30 shuttle service which made it very easy for me to commute. A good coworking space in gurgaon

Siddharth dabas

Working with Plus Offices was a great idea. They have one of the best infrastructure and very classic interiors. Great amount of parking space. The team is very helpful and polite. Your purpose of using this space is completely valid and successful.

Ritika Thukral

Plus Offices not only provide a good infrastructure but also a very comfortable work environment. There is plenty of spacing between the co-working spaces. The best part is that there is no issue of parking. I would highly recommend this place.

Gurbani Luthra

A very friendly, neat and happening environment! Working with them is surely a decision i do not regret! They provide such a peaceful surrounding for co workers with no parking problem. I’d highly recommend this place to everyone.

Tanya Aneja

Plus Offices provides a wonderful infrastructure and a work friendly environment. It maintains a standard quality of hygiene and is always clean. It also has a huge parking space. Had an amazing experience working here! Would highly recommend it.

Siddeeq ahmad

Nice place to take office space. As well as when you want to take address for office they provide the same. Nice place to do the conference and meetings. Nice cafeteria for relaxing and working. Stress free environment with full security check. Safe and good to go for.

Gupta Babua

The environment at plus offices is wonderful and Ravi’s team does an amazing job to make us feel comfortable and provides the best services at an affordable price. Different configurations of seating add to the great interior. It was good to have worked with Plus Offices.

Ananya Thukral

This is the very place we need to in our day to day routines. It's way too lively and a place full of positive vibes for work and other purposes. Visit it, have fun in it and let people know about it.

Navya Singh

Stellar space! We were the earliest team to Move in after 2+ years at our last space. I feel it was one of the best decisions for us and we have seen tremendous growth here! Highly recommended 😊

Apaksh Gupta

This place is absolutely amazing. In addition to the beautiful decor and remarkable infrastructure, the staff is wonderful, they're very polite and humble. I had a great experience

karina makkar

A very neat and clean place with a wonderful working environment. I enjoy being here, the staff is very polite and helpful. In addition to the beautiful decor and remarkable infrastructure.

Puja Seth

Working with Plus Offices was a great idea. They have one of the best infrastructure and very classic interiors. Great amount of parking space.

Saujas Gupta

A cool business center with warm and friendly staff always ready to help. The place has a nice zing to it. All in all a nice place to have your office.

Madhaba Sahoo

A cool business center with warm and friendly staff always ready to help. The place has a nice zing to it. All in all a nice place to have your office.

Namrata Nebhwani

The minute you step into the offices, the employees and the team makes you feel like home. Amazing place to be. They’re doing a great job

Shivom kakkar

The place was so clean and the working environment of the place is nice and good spacious. The friendly environment make you very confortable. Overall experience is very good and nice .

Navi Ahuja

Great ambiance. Ample parking and great environment around. Very helping staff to listen to your requirement and open for customisation. Everything at it's best 💗

Amanjeet Singh

Comfortable seating, lovely environment and good wifi speed. Plus offices provide all the amenities one needs and that too at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

Riya Anand

Good place to network. A screen to play xbox or watch the cricket match helps me rewind during a hard day of work . I recommend each one to visit this beautifully built office.

Vaman Alawadhi

What a friendly and comfortable environment. It was a pleasure working with them! Even the staff was very helpful. Apart from that, loved the infrastructure.

Priyanka Arora

The perfect space to work with a refreshing environment. All the modern facilities are provided and have good furnishings. Highly recommended.

Rohan Mehra

Ambient working place. Good aesthetics. Love the environment. A very calm, composed and organized place. Ideal for work.

Shambhavi kalash

A great place to work in. Amazing ambience and working environment. Cooperative staff. Would love to be there again.

Lisha Sethi

Beautiful interior, it’s really well set up. They have one of the best infrastuctures. Had an amazing experience.

Esha Bhasin

Great and helpful staffs and a clean location with a great view. what more can you ask for! Definitely recommend!

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